Certificate in Entertainment Business Program (Hollywood, CA)



Bachelors of Arts Professional Communications Interpreter (Moscow, Russia)



Temple City High School Exchange Program

(Los Angeles, CA)


1991 - 2003:

Specialized High School with English Language Strategy (Russia)



So you are looking for the English speaking Host for your event? Perfect.


It’s easy. You already found him. Nice to meet you.

My name is Eugene.

  • New Year Parties 

  • Business conferences

  • Gala Dinners

  • Project launch

  • Promotion and Ad events



-My presentation in English

-Video in English


  • Celebration with international partners

I understand the value of every particular corporate event for you and your management and that's why I always work personally with my clients.


The event should have a positive result and influence. And I know how to gain that.


Through my professional attitude and experience your event will be memorable and extraordinary, something that is talked about for months. And at the same time it will work hard for you company interest.

 Let's make a Successful Event Together! 



Samsung Russia Service Co

(New Year Party) (200 guests)


Samsung Electronics

(Business Conferences / Gala Dinners) (120 guests)



(Business Conferences / Gala Dinners) (150 guests)


Efes Rus

(New Year Party) (800 guests)


Sanofi Russia

(Summer Cycle Meeting / Gala Dinners) (700 guests)

More information in my Presentation (Download Presentation). Enjoy.